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About Us

Our mission is to educate the next generation of programmers who will use their skills and knowledge to make the world a better place.

Excel with C0deEX

C0deEX is coding academy and year round after-school coding education and prepares them for technology-driven future. C0deEx provides environment where students learn coding skill through personalized instructions. C0deEX is perfect place for beginner and as well as more advanced kids who wish to pursue Software Engineering as their career path. Kids get interest to learn computer programming through our professional grade games based curriculum. Here students learn developing games in many different languages using different professional tools.

               Our is a goal is to create a generation of young programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs who can build amazing games, apps, and more. Our courses are engineered to teach kids not only how to design and code, but to thoroughly understand the concepts so that they can perform them on their own. By making computer programming incredibly fun and engaging through game design, C0deEx students will develop the motivation and tenacity to learn to code with actual development environments and develop real world skills.

Our Team

Sanjib Biswas

Bachelor degree in Engineering and a M.S in Mathematical finance from the University of Southern California. Sanjib's deep interest in mathematics and it's application in Finance drove his desire to pursue his career in Quantitative Finance. Before pursuing his career in finance, he worked for many years in leading multinational companies across the globe.

Susri Anuradha

Bachelors degree in Engineering and a M.S. in Information Management Systems from Harvard University.Susri has over 15 yrs of experience in application software development in major multinational companies. She currently owns 2 after school mathematics learning centers.

Suparna Biswas

A veteran software development professional with 20+ yrs of software development experience developing cutting edge technology solutions for leading multinational companies. She obtained her Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering from B.E. College, Shibpur, India (Indian Institute of Engineering Science And Technology).

Nirupam Sarkar

Specializes in areas of Image Processing, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, AI, and data Science. Over the years he worked in Medical, Aviation Security, and Financial Industry. He has B-Tech from IIT and PhD from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India.

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