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Young Entrepreneurs, Big Plans

Acton Children’s Business Fair Grows, Spotlighting Kids’ Businesses

When we set up the C0deEX table to take part in the 3rd Annual Acton Children’s Business Fair held at NARA Park in Acton on September 19th, little did we know just how fun and tasty it would be. From intricately designed 3D printed microscopes, decorative magnets and electrified games that buzz when you’re off course, to varied types of artwork, and products like hats, bags, ‘seasonal slimes’ and amazing foods.

“The ‘Dulce de Leche’ was so good,” said C0deEx FIRST LEGO League (FLL) mentor Hallie Farmer, who was there to talk about coding and robotics teams, but found time to review the many products being sold. 11-year-old Suravi of Acton ultimately sold out of her jars of ‘Dulce de Leche’ spreads that day at her “Sweet and Sour” table.. This year, there were 50 young entrepreneurs offering their products, talking with attendees and making sales. “Every year it’s grown,” says event organizer Susri Anuradha, who applauds the children who come from around the area and region. “We have some kids here from as far away as Connecticut,” she added. “ I had to limit it to 50 this year.” The non-profit event is part of a network of Acton Children’s Business Fairs taking place around the country and region. “I started a fair here because people used to ask me, “What will I use math for?” she recalls. “And math is required to run a business!”

Anuradha is director of the Mathnasium of Acton and Concord, located at 136 Great Road in Acton. In July, Anuradha and her husband Sanjib Biswas opened C0deEX across the street at 133 Great Road. “We’ve had an amazing start - winning a Zero Robotics competition over the summer with our C0deEX Panthers team- and are happy to meet the greater Acton community,” notes Biswas, owner and manager at C0deEX. “It’s great to see all these young entrepreneurs!”

The Acton Children’s Business Fair, which is a non-profit event designed to inspire kids to think big and innovate, has received a lot of support from the community. Acton TV arrived to cover the event, which is made possible with the support of area businesses. “Our sponsors have been wonderful,” says Anuradha, who also applauds the many volunteers who make the event a reality.

Making Ideas Come to Life

The goal of the event is to foster innovation by creating a marketplace for kids who want to start a business. Each year, attendees come with a product or service to sell (See complete list of businesses below). They have planned their business from coming up with an idea to creating a product or service and figuring out a brand and marketing strategy.

“Some kids come back each year, and sometimes they will change their business product or approach,” says Anuradha. After bringing baked goods one year, a young vendor named Dia moved ahead with the creation of “Dia’s Maker Tent”, where she sold electric games that prompt players to guide a metal ring around a wired cylinder without touching metal to metal. Sensors prompt the device to buzz if you’re off course.

A Community Endeavour

From the volunteers and donors to the businesses who sponsor the event, the Acton Children’s Business Fair is clearly a community effort that involves quite a bit of planning. “I do it each year because the kids and parents love it and we have so many wonderful volunteers,” adds Anuradha, who says she could not undertake such an event without the help of volunteers and sponsors.

Sponsors and supporters include Mathnasium of Acton and Concord, Acton Academy, the Acton School of Business, Huntington Learning Center, C0deEX, Acton TV, Periwinkle Art & Glassworks, New York Life, The Beacon serving Acton and Boxborough, Dunkin Donuts, Enterprise Bank, and Holi Indian Restaurant. At the end of each event, awards are given out to participants and selected sponsors. It’s a time to discuss what the kids have learned. Many say they learned the value of teamwork and planning.

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